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The energy and emissions needs of industrial companies vary across sectors and applications. But whatever those needs, we deliver consistently. We help you assess and define the most appropriate solution, then cover the entire lifecycle with exceptional consultancy, build and support services.

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From controlling emissions to finding new sources of energy, our solutions are innovative and integrated.

Energy Generation

Recover energy from even difficult fuels such as residual biomass and industrial wastes.

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Emissions Control

Capture and reduce emissions including SOx, acid gases, mercury and heavy metals.

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Energy from Waste

Solid waste can be diverted from landfill and used as a valuable source of low-carbon energy.

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Waste to Value

Our gasification processes can turn a range of non-recyclable fuels into valuable product gas or syngas.

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Carbon Capture

Carbon capture has great potential as part of many customers’ decarbonization strategies.

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Energy Storage

Large-scale solutions that can help grids accelerate their journey to net zero and balance out renewable inputs.

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