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Bubbling Fluidized Bed boilers

Generating energy from waste cleanly and competitively

Recovering energy from difficult fuels, like residual biomass and industrial wastes is a valuable way of helping the move to net zero. Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) boilers can handle a wide range of high-moisture and high-ash fuels with low emissions and high operational flexibility. The technology is proven and reliable.


This technology works well for combined heat and power, industrial steam, power and district heating applications. And because of its operational flexibility, BFB boilers can help balance variable renewable energy generation, like solar PV and wind, while providing cost-effective back-up power and heating.

Ideal for waste

  • Multiple fuel sources of different biogenic and recycled origin can be combusted safely with low emissions.
  • Power producers can use local and readily available fuels with shorter transportation distances.
  • BFB gives the flexibility to adapt to changes in fuel availability and cost structure.

Value for money

  • Safe combustion means lower maintenance and operation costs including short annual shutdowns and superior availability.
  • Low load operation offers district heating services benefits with solid fuel firing over a longer period in the year without having to use more expensive liquid or gaseous fuels.
  • Using our digital services performance can be optimized based on actual operation data, fuels and mode.

On one level, customers looking to generate energy using waste find BFB technology an ideal solution. Using waste can allow plants to achieve zero or even negative carbon emissions. So, on a broader level, we all benefit when waste can be recycled in this sustainable way.