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Cementing the path to Net Zero: Reducing the carbon footprint of concrete production

Concrete production has traditionally been associated with having a significant carbon footprint – but times are changing. In this thought-provoking article we shed light on the advancements that are revolutionizing the way we produce concrete while minimizing its environmental impact.

Vantaa Energy digitalizes bioenergy plant with SFW’s Services to drop fossil fuels

The primary goal was to ensure that the plant is equipped for moving away from using fossil fuels, such as coal and peat, and increase the potential for using a variety of non-fossil fuels, as Vantaa Energy progresses towards carbon negativity in 2030.

Savon Voima and SFW cooperate to decarbonize the Iiksenvaara power plant

The companies share a common goal of ensuring reliable carbon neutral energy production in the current globally challenging operating environment. 

Carbon dioxide challenges can be solved with Finnish technology

Fluid bed technology offers a solution to many of the key challenges of low-carbon energy production, such as carbon capture, energy storage and waste utilization.

Powering a decarbonized world for everyone

Equipped with unique knowledge, proven expertise, leading technology and global reach, we enhance customer value and can reach decarbonization goals faster

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Innovative solutions have been our DNA since 1891. Now we are applying our unique knowledge, proven expertise, leading technology and global reach to help our customers go further.

Our solutions

Whatever the challenge, we endeavor to find the solutions – covering the entire lifecycle with exceptional advisory, project delivery and support services.

Energy Generation

Recover energy from even difficult fuels such as residual biomass and industrial wastes.

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Emissions Control

Capture and reduce emissions including SOx, acid gases, mercury and heavy metals.

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Energy From Waste

Solid waste can be diverted from landfill and used as a valuable source of low-carbon energy.

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Waste to Value

Our gasification processes can turn a range of non-recyclable fuels into valuable product gas or syngas.

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Carbon Capture

Carbon capture has great potential as part of many customers’ decarbonization strategies.

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Energy Storage

We’re working on large-scale energy storage solutions that can help grids accelerate to net zero.

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Latest press release

Sumitomo SHI FW (SFW) helps Solvay to decarbonize its operations


SFW will supply a biomass CFB boiler to Solvay’s soda and sodium bicarbonate production plant in Rheinberg, Germany.

The new boiler will use locally sourced recycled wood chips as fuel to generate low-carbon power and steam used in the production processes at the Rheinberg Solvay plant. The boiler will replace a coal-fired boiler and lower Solvay’s annual CO2 emissions by 295.000 tonnes per year and also have a positive impact on emissions of sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides.

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Join us at Resource & Waste Management Expo 2023 at our booth #R-K271. Our SFW experts, Frank Ligthart and Mohamed Magdeldin, will also be speaking at the event.

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We believe partnerships are essential to progress on decarbonization and net zero challenges.

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