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Our Culture

The way we operate and behave is defined by five core values:

  • Respect for people Valuing and inviting different views and ideas
  • Committed to customers Exceeding expectations and providing value
  • Safety, Integrity & Teamwork Incorporating ethics in everything we do
  • Ownership of results Personally ensuring that success is achieved
  • Passion to innovate and grow Setting challenging goals for growth

This is a culture that we want people from any background to feel at home in. Today and tomorrow, we want you to feel respected, able to share your background, speak openly about your life and feel valued for the unique contribution you bring. 

Even more importantly, we want our culture to evolve and accommodate an even wider spectrum of perspectives, ideas and diversity, because this will help us to achieve broader thinking, enable richer discussions and have better, more creative ideas. In a world that needs big solutions, fast, this is more important than ever.

We aim to grow sustainably through a widening of our customer base and geographic spread, and greater diversity not only keeps pace with this growth but also supports our ability to collaborate and work together effectively, regardless of location or background.

We are a global company tackling global challenges. Come and take your place.