Advancing CFB for 40 Years


Optimizing Availability & Reliability


Sumitomo SHI FW Staff Providing Power Plant MaintenanceWith more than a century of designing, fabricating, erecting and starting our own equipment, we have the experience and capability to assess your boiler, recommend improvements, and predict the impact on performance, reliability and operation before any fieldwork is started.

Service is an integral part of our business. Preventive condition monitoring, expert maintenance, rapid response repair work, and replacement part deliveries are key factors in achieving maximum plant reliability and cost effective performance year after year.

  • Tuning for compliance with new regulations (IED, BREF, MACT)
  • Balancing air and fuel flows for reduced erosion and corrosion
  • Local service corners
  • Outage and emergency services
  • Long Term Service Agreements (incl. Full Maintenance Service agreements)
  • Condition monitoring of pressure parts
  • Inspection & specialist services
  • Spare part services