Oxy - combustion

Carbon negative heat and power

Oxy - combustion

Oxy-combustion can be utilized as solution for carbon negative heat and power. In oxy-combustion boiler combustion air is replaced with O2 & recycled flue gas leading to inherently CO2 rich product gas, which allows to capture CO2 without post combustion systems.
The rich CO2 stream can then be either delivered to permanent storage or utilized into biofuelsand bio-chemicals.

The required oxygen can be produced in air separation units or alternatively in electrolyzers
or via SFW’s Liquid Air Energy Storages equipped with air distillation for additional benefits.
Gas processing unit might be required downstream to purify CO2 and increase concentration to the levels required for carbon storage and utilization.

SFW has ready design up to 300MWe power generation, and capabilities for further upscale. The technology has been demonstrated with several thousand operational hours in Compostilla Spain in 30MWth scale.

Compostilla, Spain


1. If utilized in plants firing carbon neutral fuels (e.g. biomass, residues,
waste),leads to overall negative carbon emissions.

2. Can be flexibly operated in oxy and air mode, allowing to capture CO2 only when desired.

3. Allows to increase output of an existing retrofitted unit, and achieve higher output per given footprint in new units.

4. Provides effective use of by-product oxygen in proximity to hydrogen-producing electrolysers.