How LAES Works?


Highview Power’s CRYOBatteries are adaptable and can provide services at all levels of the electricity system: supporting power generation, providing stabilization services to transmission grids and distribution networks, and acting as a source of backup power to end users.

How it works

Our patented cryogenic technology draws on established processes from the turbo machinery, power generation and industrial gas sectors.

Stage 1. Charging the system

An air liquefier uses electrical energy to draw air from the surrounding environment, the air is cleaned and cooled to subzero temperatures until it liquifies. 700 liters of ambient air become 1 liter of liquid air.

Stage 2. Energy store

The liquid air is stored in insulated tanks at low pressure, which functions as the energy reservoir. Each storage tank can hold a gigawatt hour of stored energy.

Stage 3. Power recovery

When power is required, stored heat from the charging system is applied to the liquid air via heat exchangers and an intermediate heat transfer fluid. This produces a high-pressure gas that drives a turbine and generates electricity.

Cryogenic Energy Storage Process

CRYOBattery vs other Energy Storage Technologies

Energy Storage Applications and Services

Serving all Levels of Electricity Generation & Delivery

Power Generation

Firming renewables
Energy arbitrage
Peak shaving
Improved heat rate


Transmission constraints
Inertia services
Responsive flexibility
Voltage support


Reactive power
Voltage support
Local security
Distribution losses

End Users

Power reliability
Energy management
Waste heat recovery
Waste cold usage