Sustainable Energy Production from Waste


The world produces about two billion tonnes of municipal solid waste (MSW) per year, of which more than 70% is still being landfilled or dumped, causing major environmental problems. At the same time the global energy demand is increasing, and fossil fuels are being phased out to combat climate change. With the total MSW volume estimated to increase with 70% by 2050, there is a growing need for waste-to-energy to treat MSW and recover its energy in an environmentally and economically sustainable way.

We provide proven technologies for the clean and economical production of heat and power utilizing waste as the energy source. Our solutions are designed to use municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial waste, recovered waste fuels (RDF/SRF), as well as a variety of low-grade biowastes including agricultural waste streams. We have a full spectrum of thermal conversion technologies to turn your waste into value including BFB, CFB, gasification, and modular waste-to-energy plants based on grate combustion, depending on the application.