Designed to Maximize Reliability, Fuel Flexibility & Lower Emissions


Advanced CFB Design to Maximize Reliability

Our advanced CFB technology offers our latest generation of supercritical and ultra supercritical once-through steam generation technology, which incorporates Siemens’ BENSON vertical-tube evaporator technology for units above 300 MWe. This allows us to offer our utility clients all of the benefits of CFB combustion technology, together with the high efficiency of supercritical steam technology.

Supercritical technology improves overall plant efficiency by 5-10% compared to conventional natural circulation steam technology, which translates directly into a 5-10% reduction in the plant’s air and ash emissions as well as its fuel and water needs for each megawatt generated.  We have developed a modular design approach allowing us to offer units up to 800 MWe in steam capacity.

Helping Utility Power Become More Green

Co-firing renewable fuels in a CFB plant originally designed for coal is an excellent, cost-effective option for helping our environment. In most cases, our operating coal-fired CFBs can co-fire biomass or waste fuels by simply adding a biomass fuel handling and feeding system, and modifying boiler operating procedures. To also provide responsible environmental solutions for our growing waste, we have developed multi-fuel CFBs that can fire waste fuels like demolition woods, RDF pellets and MSW along with coals, peats and lignites.

Going all Green with Utility Power

We offer utility scale CFBs that fire only biomass fuels for a full carbon neutral energy solution. We have plants in construction and in operation with single CFBs that produce up to 300 MWe of power from wood pellets, wood chips, straw, palm kennel shells and other agricultural byproducts. This is new and important technology and market development which allows true large scale dependable renewable power.


*Note: Plant Availability means total time plant is available to run accounting for both planned and unplanned downtime. Sumitomo SHI FW CFB plant reliability values based on client supplied data reported over 2000-2015 period for AmecFW CFB plants mainly located in Europe. NERC, VGB and WEC availability data based on thermal steam power plant (PC and CFB) data reported over 2000-2015 period. Since most of the large thermal plantsglobally are PC type plants they are a good representation for PC plant availability.