Sumitomo's plate-type falling film evaporator

Sumitomo's plate-type falling film evaporator has been delivered to a wide variety of industries, including automobile, semiconductor, food, chemical and pulp and paper industries. In all cases, these evaporators have generated very high customer satisfaction. Because SPE allows the customer to choose evaporators that utilize a wide variety of methods (low-pressure steam multiple-effect system, vapor recompression system, injector vapor recompression system, etc.), SPE is able to deliver the exact system of equipment needed. This, combined with other superior characteristics of the Sumitomo evaporator (scaling countermeasures, high concentration, and energy savings) that have been developed through continuous research and development, has resulted in the enduring loyalty of SPE's customers.

Structure of SUMITOMO Evaporator

Structure Diagram of SUMITOMO Evaporator PlateStructure Diagram of SUMITOMO Evaporator

Mist separator : Depending on the liquid, wire mesh pad, Sumitomo SFLOW® or sieve tray can be chosen.
Distributor : Developed through long years of experience, the structure minimizes uneven distribution and is resistant to scaling.
Bottom strainer : This piece is installed when using liquids with intense scaling. Its structure catches scales falling out from the heating element and makes them even finer.

Vapor Recompression System (VRC System)

Adopting the VRC method actualizes high concentration and volume reduction of products through high efficiency, low carbon emission and energy conservation.Sumitomo Vapor Recompression System (VRC System)

  • Generally, the operating temperature is set at 100ºC (vapor temperature of the atmospheric pressure). Heating steam and cooling water are not necessary upon steady operation. Moreover, process liquid may thermally metamorphose is put under reduced pressure and the operating temperature conditions are eased for treatment.
  • This method releases almost no externally-directed latent heat, allowing extremely high heat efficiency.
  • Furthermore, both multiple effect for energy conservation and versatile one-evaporator/2-3 liquid treatment are possible. Various switching systems are also available for liquids with intense scaling. Indeed, we are able to offer many different kinds of designs to meet our customers' demands.

Sumitomo Vapor Recompression System (VRC System) Diagram

Sumitomo Evaporator U

Sumitomo Evaporator U, Mini Evaporator

Sumitomo Evaporator U (aka, Mini-Evaporator) developed!

  • Through unitization, on-site construction costs are
    drastically reduced! Quick delivery is also possible!
  • The compact design allows easier installation and mobility!
  • Produced at our own plant! High-quality and low-cost!
  • Diverse operation methods that realize energy conservation!

Sumitomo Evaporator U, Mini Evaporator Diagram

Sumitomo Evaporator U Benefits

Sumitomo Evaporator U Specification Table

Standard Specifications

Item Standard Options
Evaporator materials SS304 SS316, etc.
HE materials SS304L SS316L, etc.
Demister - wire mesh, SFLOW
Condenser gasket plate direct, indirect (shell & tube, plate)
Control functions concentration liquor level control, vacuum control steam flow control, condensate level control, etc.
Electric system on-site power supply panel explosion protection available
Monitoring/operating system on-site control panel (loop controller) touch panel
Remote monitoring system/operating system - Remote monitoring possible by DCS, sequencer, etc.
Pumps non-seal pump sanitary pump, etc.
Insulation rock wool glass wool

Tube-type Concentrator/Crystallizer

3D Model of Sumitomo Tube-type Concentrator and Crystallizer

The Sumitomo Tube-type Concentrator and Crystallizer have been supplied in large numbers to salt processing, food and chemical industries which all have been greatly appreciated. Moreover, the engineering support based on our long years of experience including selection of most-suitable materials for processing liquids has established a high reputation among our customers.

The Sumitomo Evaporator is used in a wide variety of applications.

Item Application
various types of sugar, salt manufacturing, caustic soda
Valuable resource
lactam, recovery, sodium aluminate, desulfurizing waste liquor,
boron, film developer treatment,
continuous electric galvanizing liquor, CIS waste water
Water recovery/
volume reduction
semiconductor waste water, film developer treatment,
paint waste liquor, continuous electric galvanizing liquor,
cutting oil treatment, various plant waste liquor, wet EP waste
Heat recovery KP pulp black liquor, various plant waste liquor
Chemical recovery ammonium sulfate, glycerin, acetone
feedstuff, etc.
distillation waste liquor, various organic acid waste liquids,
corn steep liquor, soy whey, fish meal,
nonstandard vegetables waste treatment