Generating the energy we need for electricity and heating produces around 13 gigatonnes (Gt) of CO2 emissions each year. This makes the sector by far the world’s largest source of emissions, with coal-based power generation still contributing as much as 10 Gt. 

Paths towards decarbonization

Decarbonization pathways are now opening up fast for the power-generation sector.

While fossil-based power plants will be here for some time to come, today they can
be fitted with carbon-capture equipment to minimize their emissions.
Meanwhile, wind and solar capacity is being expanded in many markets as new
energy-storage capabilities make these renewables increasingly viable.
There are developments in bio-based and synthetic fuels too, as well as in carbon-free hydrogen production. 

The demand side is also changing. Homes and devices are becoming more energy efficient, while transmission networks are getting better at delivering power, heat and cooling to end users.

How SFW is helping

 SFW offers a number of solutions that help to reduce carbon emissions in the energy sector. These include: