True Long Duration Energy Storage


Unlocking the full potential of renewable energy – making it as reliable and affordable as conventional power options – depends on the availability of large-scale, long-duration energy storage. To support an energy market transformation toward 100% renewable energy, Sumitomo Heavy Industries provides a commercial liquid air energy storage technology that delivers clean, reliable, and cost-efficient energy storage. This technology will enable users to bring gigawatt hours of energy storage to the market, with the flexibility to be built practically anywhere it is needed.

CRYOBatteryTM technology makes use of a freely available resource—air—which is cooled and stored as a liquid and then converted back into a pressurized gas to drive turbines and produce electricity. SHI has entered into a strategic partnership with Highview Power to commercialize these cryogenic energy storage systems. The CRYOBatteryTM is the only long-duration energy storage solution available today that offers multiple gigawatt hours of storage, scalability, siting flexibility, and zero emissions. Highview Power’s 5 MW/15 MWh Pilsworth plant in the United Kingdom is the world’s first grid-connected liquid air energy storage system. The facility provides essential balancing services to the U.K. grid and demonstrates the commercial readiness of this technology for flexible and clean long-duration energy storage.

For more information about cryogenic liquid air energy storage, download our fact sheet.

For more information about Sumitomo’s partnership with Highview Power, download this fact sheet.

  • Flexible siting at point of need
  • Compact footprint
  • Competitive cost of storage
  • 30+ year plant life
  • No capacity degradation over plant life
  • Industry-proven equipment
  • Recyclable plant components
  • Emission-free