Sumitomo has been involved in continuous research and development to improve its electrostatic precipitator (EP) since its introduction to the market in 1956, As a result, over 400 EPs have been delivered to various industries, including electric power (principally thermal power generation), iron and steel, and cement industries. In the EP, waste gas passes through and electric field generated by a frame-type discharge electrode that is resistant to power disconnection and a collecting electrode that features a corrugated structure of superior strength and small deformation. There, the collecting electrode collects the dust contained in the gas. Furthermore, by using a pulse energization system developed by Sumitomo, the EP performs extremely well in the collection of dust that has high electrical resistivity, which is normally difficult to collect.

Special Features of Pulse Energization

Dust having high electrical resistivity, which has been difficult to collect using conventional EPs due to back-ionization, can now be easily collected. Intensified corona discharge and suppression of back-ionization allow for a smaller precipitator. With the introduction of the pulse energization system, a significant improvement can be expected in the performance of existing EPs pulse energization
Pulse Energization Graph for Sumitomo Electrostatic Precipitator ESP Sumitomo Electrostatic Precipitaor ESP Size Comparison Sumitomo Electrostatic Precipitator Pulse Energization System Diagram

Advanced Energization Controller: SPAC2000

"SPAC2000" is an EP controller that utilizes digital signal processing designed to handle all types of energization systems, including pulse, continuous and intermittent energization systems. Compared to traditional analog signal processing, this controller offers extremely accurate measurement and highly efficient control functions. Using and LCD touch panel, it is easy to view the charge condition and make changes to the charge control parameters. Replacing the existing controller of an EP with the SPAC2000 can significantly facilitate monitoring and control operations.

Advanced Energization Controller: SPAC2000