High Efficiency on Wet & Low Rank Fuels


Sumitomo SHI FW BUBBLING FLUIDIZED-BED (BFB) STEAM GENERATORSOur Bubbling Fluid Bed steam generators have a history of reliable operation even when burning the difficult fuels and wastes found at industrial facilities. They have brought value to many clients due to their ability to burn high moisture and high ash fuels and have improved the economical and environmental profiles of facilities when replacing older stoker and recovery boilers. We have progressively advanced the state of BFB technology by incorporating design improvements like our rugged step grid, staged air mixing and gas recirculation systems.

General Design Features:

  • Stepped grid for most difficult fuels
  • Conventional grid for cleaner fuels
  • Fuel gas recirculation for bed temperature control avoids in-bed tubes
  • High gas residence time to ensure lowest dioxin, CO, and fly ash carbon
  • Multiple levels of secondary air to minimize NOx formation
  • Retractable soot blowing to maintain high boiler efficiency and long tube life