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Largest global delivery network for fluidized bed technology



Sumitomo SHI FW established

Sumitomo Heavy Industries acquired Amec Foster Wheeler’s fluidized bed business under the subsidiary Sumitomo SHI FW, a new global leader in sustainable energy solutions.


Foster Wheeler combined with AMEC

AMEC and Foster Wheeler combined to create Amec Foster Wheeler, trading on the London and New York Stock Exchanges in the Oil Equipment and Services sector (AMFW).


Foster Wheeler acquires boiler business

Foster Wheeler acquires Ahlstrom Pyropower's boiler business


Sumitomo Heavy Industries established

The company joined forces with Uraga Heavy Industries, Ltd., a company first established as Uraga Dock Co., Ltd. in 1897 with the advocacy of Takeaki Enomoto. The company now operating as Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd., opened up two large-scale plants, the Oppama Shipyard (currently known as the Yokosuka Works) and Toyo Works (currently known as the Saijo Works), establishing its foundations as a heavy industries company.


Boiler production began

Foster Wheeler began producing utility and industrial boilers.


Foster Wheeler formed

Foster Wheeler was formed from a merger of two companies based in the United States: the Power Specialty Company (which replaced Water Works Supply Company, created by the Foster Family in 1884) and the Wheeler Condenser & Engineering Company, whose roots go back to 1891.


Beginning of Sumitomo Heavy Industries

Mining operations had expanded enough to warrant the introduction of the "shop practices" concept as a way of manufacturing and repairing equipment and tools used at the mine. This marked the beginning of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.