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Smart Boiler Services to Improve Reliability, Reduce Maintenance, and Extend Life

September 26, 2017 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm BST

Power plants and industrial facilities in Europe continue to face challenges in improving reliability and fuel flexibility while maintaining low maintenance costs.  Changing market considerations require power plants to burn a wide range of fuels such as hard coal, lignite, biomass, and waste fuels to stay competitive. At the same time, tightening environmental regulations such as the BREF and IED impose stringent emission targets on plants. All these factors combined with an aging generation fleet requires plant operators to carefully plan boiler upgrades, modernization, retrofits, and optimization measures to ensure high reliability, availability & extended boiler life.



Sumitomo SHI FW brings extensive expertise in understanding and solving a range of solid fuel boiler performance issues on CFB, PC, stoker and BFB units. In this informative webinar, Timo Anttikoski, Director, TMU, Service Sumitomo SHI FW will address capacity and process improvements and case studies optimizing and upgrading existing boilers for utilizing wider fuel range and to meet tightening emission limits.  Ilkka Koskinen, Director, LTSA agreements, Service Sumitomo SHI FW will address Long Term Service Agreements (LTSAs) and SmartBoiler™ services.


The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Technology, Modernization & Upgrade (TMU) considerations for PC, BFB & CFB units such as:
    • Capacity upgrades & process improvements
    • Fuel expansion & conversions
    • Fuel flexibility through BFB/CFB/PC and biomass gasifier retrofits
    • Plant optimization studies, CFD and 3D modeling
    • Environmental retrofits (SNCR, SCR)
    • CFB Scrubber, DSI, Fabric Filter Retrofits to be discussed
    • Boiler Efficiency Improvements
  • SmartBoiler™ monitoring and diagnostics to reduce operating costs, increased availability, and extended boiler life
  • Long Term Service Agreements (LTSAs) offering tailor made solutions, state-of-the-art technology and on-demand resources to ensure optimal plant performance
  • Several case studies including:
    • Pulverized peat boiler  conversion to BFB at Metsä Board Simpele Plant in Finland
    • Pulverized lignite boiler conversion to CFB at Steti Power Plant in Czech Republic
    • Largest CFB Scrubber Retrofit at the Basin Electric Dry Fork Station in USA For this I need 1-2 slides and information of the retrofit
    • Environmental Retrofit, SCR added to an existing PC boiler in TSE Naantali, Finland
    • Fuel System Modifications at the Kemira Pigments Finland Coal Fired CFB
    • Retort Gas Combustion system added to CFB boiler in Enefit in Narva Estonia


This webinar will help energy facilities make informed decisions about taking preventive measures and adopting best practices in maintenance and engineering services to improve reliability, meet new environmental regulations and extend boiler life. Register today to secure your spot in this free webinar!

Attendees are encouraged to ask questions which will be covered during the Q&A session of the webinar.


Presenter: Timo Anttikoski | Director, TMU, Service Sumitomo SHI FW

Timo Anttikoski has been working with boiler modernization projects and process modifications since 1993 as Performance Engineer, Commercial Manager and lately as Director for the relevant business line in Service. His specialties are boiler conversions to fluidized bed boilers, gasifiers, biomass utilization projects, capacity upgrades and environmental retrofits to existing boilers.



Ilkka Koskinen | Director, LTSA agreements, ServiceSumitomo SHI FW

Ilkka Koskinen has 20 years of experience in the power business. He has worked in various O&M roles at three different power plants in Finland and in Germany during his early career. Ilkka has been working with boiler plant service activities since 2004. His first position was dealing with International Maintenance Contracts, following that he held positions as Head of Maintenance Department, Head of Production and Field Services, Head of German Service Operations and currently heading Long Term Service Agreements -business line. His specialties are operation support services, boiler condition monitoring, long term maintenance planning, boiler maintenance, service projects and long term service agreements.