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Improving CFB Boiler Plant Operation & Reliability with Smart Services – Asia

February 14, 2019 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm ICT


Dynamic market conditions require utility and industrial power plants to continuously improve reliability while maintaining fuel flexibility, reducing emissions, and decreasing maintenance costs. Power plant operators are faced with delivering high plant availability requiring them to evaluate ongoing O&M improvements such as optimization, upgrades, modernization and retrofits of boiler equipment.

Sumitomo SHI FW (SFW) brings extensive global expertise from over 500 installations in solving a range of solid fuel boiler performance issues on CFB, PC, stoker and BFB units. By applying customized SFW services, operators can improve boiler equipment efficiency and reduce production losses associated with planned and unplanned downtime.

In this informative webinar, Tom Steitz, Vice President, Global Power Services, SFW will present best practices in O&M and engineering services for solid fuel boilers.  Specific topics will include:

  • Technology, Modernization & Upgrade (TMU) considerations for CFB, BFB & PC units such as:
    • Capacity upgrades & process improvements
    • Boiler efficiency improvements
    • Plant optimization studies, CFD and 3D modeling
    • Environmental retrofits (SNCR, SCR)
    • CFB Scrubber, DSI, and Fabric Filter Retrofits
  • Benefits of Long-Term Service Agreements (LTSAs) in providing tailor made solutions, state-of-the-art technology and on-demand resources to ensure optimal plant performance
  • SmartBoiler™ technology application for monitoring and diagnosis to reduce operating costs, increase availability, and extend boiler life

Several case studies will be presented, including cases where the use of SmartBoiler™ remote troubleshooting capabilities resulted in reduced unplanned shutdowns, where improved combustion led to O&M savings, and considerations for smooth fuel switching.


This webinar will help energy facilities make informed decisions about taking preventive measures and adopting best practices in maintenance and engineering services to improve reliability, meet new environmental regulations and extend boiler life. Register today to secure your spot in this free webinar!


Attendees are encouraged to ask questions which will be covered during the Q&A session of the webinar.


Presenter: Tom Steitz | Vice President, Global Power Services | Sumitomo SHI FW 

Thomas Steitz is Vice President, Global Power Services at Sumitomo SHI FW. Tom has global boiler services P&L experience and brings extensive experience in boiler services, repairs, modernization and upgrades. Tom’s skills and expertise were developed via hands-on roles across a variety of boiler types including CFB, PC and BFB units.



February 14, 2019
11:00 am - 12:00 pm