As the world leader in CFB technology with 476 installed units, 36 GWe and 38+ million hours of operation, customer satisfaction and feedback play a very important role in fluidized bed product development at Sumitomo SHI FW. To this end, we encourage active customer participation in our User Group forums where our CFB customers can share their experiences, ideas, successes and challenges in CFB technology, O&M and performance. Our User Group offers an excellent platform to help you get the most value from our products and services.

How it Works

Sumitomo SHI FW conducts periodic off-site multi-day sessions with its customers and technology users where our technical staff and customers present technical papers and discuss technology, performance, future needs, challenges and advancements. Our User Groups offers customers a unique opportunity to:

  • Enhance their understanding of CFB products and services
  • Learn about new CFB technologies
  • Have more influence over the direction of CFB technology development

Contact us to learn more about our user group meetings or for help with technical problems.