Advancing CFB for 40 Years


High Value Multipollutant Emission Control Solutions


Our Circulating Fluid Bed (CFB) Scrubber efficiently captures all acid gases, metals and particulate matter down to the lowest levels. It is a versatile and flexible technology that can clean up flue gases from boilers and industrial processes using the least amount of water and project capital.Diagram of Sumitomo SHI FW Circulating Fluid Bed Scrubber, CFB Scrubber

Our multi-pollutant CFB scrubbing reliably and economically captures:

  • Oxides of sulfur
  • HCI, HF, Hg
  • PM10 and PM2.5

While providing many benefits over conventional technology:

  • Uses 30-40% less water than wet FGDs
  • 50% lower capital cost than wet FGDs
  • Best capture of acid gases and metals
  • Excellent capture of oxides of sulfur
  • Very low operating cost and need for lime reagent with calcium rich boiler ash (ideal for CFB boilers)
  • Low maintenance since it doesn't utilize lime slurry and rotary atomizers

If you do not need a full scrubber, we also offer advanced baghouse technology to reduce your plant's dust, metals, and acid gas emissions.