Calcium - looping

Natural sorbent based post-combustion CO2 capture technology

Calcium - looping

Calcium Looping (CLC / CaL) can be utilized as carbon capture technology in many sectors like:

  • Tail end CaL in WTE plants
  • Integrated or tail-end CaL in cement plants
  • Integrated or tail-end CaL in steelmaking process
  • Tail-end & integrated CaL in pulp mill

Calcium looping has been demonstrated in MWth scale with coal and clean biomass and it is upscalable. The technology can be installed as stand alone in new deliveries or retrofitted to existing industrial facilities. The required oxygen can be produced in air separation units or alternatively in electrolyzers or via SFW’s Liquid Air Energy Storages equipped with air distillation for additional benefits.

Gas processing unit might be required downstream to purify CO2 and increase concentration to the levels required for carbon storage and utilization.


1. Multi-product technology

In addition to high purity CO2 gas stream, CaL can provide excess heat at high temperatures as well as purge  sorbent stream that has potential utilization as supplementary cementitious material (SCM) in cement plants

2. High efficiency solution

CaL is able to achieve high capture efficiency of above 90% and additionally comes with low energy capture penalty of 4-7%

3. Flexibility

CFB based CaL can accommodate challenging flue gases. The solution can be either delivered as stand-alone tail-end solution or integrated into various processes.

4. Natural materials

CaL utilizes natural materials such as limestone to capture CO2 and does not require the production, utilization, or disposal or highly toxic materials or solvents.